Monday, January 12, 2015

Membership Information - Spring 2015


Unlimited number of lessons:

  • Salsa for beginner, intermediate and advanced dancers.
  • Bachata for beginner and intermediate-advanced dancers.
  • Zouk.

GT Salsa club collaborates with professional dance instructors every semester, to bring you the best quality classes on campus! Typically, a 1h salsa dance class in a studio costs around $5-15. With the GT Salsa club membership, you can join all of our classes (weekly classes for 11 weeks) for only $50, including Salsa, Bachata and Zouk, and a weekly mini-social.

Free entrance to our Salsa Stings: Every semester the GT Salsa Club hosts three dance events at the Student Center Ballroom. This is a great opportunity for GT salsa club members to practice what they’ve learned in the dance classes and get the chance to meet dancers from all over Atlanta. We bring Atlanta’s best dance performances to expose our members to the best of Atlanta’s latin dance scene.

Free entrance to Salsa outings in Atlanta: Join the GT Salsa Club to the best events off-campus, with free entrance and carpool arrangements. We organize at least three outings every semester, in the best latin dance socials in Atlanta. 

GT Salsa club T-shirt: Last but not least, all our members get a GT Salsa club T-shirt at the end of the classes, as an appreciation gift for supporting our club.

Special note for members without CRC access:

  • GT Salsa members that don't have access to the CRC will need to pay $5 every time they need to enter the CRC.
  • In that case you are also responsible for finding someone to sign you in every time you need to enter the CRC. The CRC requires a person with CRC access to sign you in as a guest of that person. Every person with CRC access can invite two non-CRC members as guests.
  • Most members of our club have CRC access, so they can help you, but it's your responsibility to arrange your visit pass.


GT Affiliates: $50

How to Join the Club:

Pay your dues: you can either do this in cash or pay online on Square Market.
Fill in our membership form.

Like our page & join our group on Facebook to get information about our events.

Class schedule


Bachata II | 5-6 PM
CRC, Studio A

Salsa II | 6-7 PM
CRC, Studio A

Zouk | 7-8 PM
CRC, Studio A


Salsa III | 9:30-10:30 PM
Myron + Irene
CRC, Studio C


Salsa I | 8-9 PM
Rusty + Melanie
Student center, Peachtree Room

Mini-Social, practice time | 9-9:30 PM
Student center, Peachtree Room

Bachata I | 9:30-10:30 PM
Miguel + Despina
Student center, Peachtree Room